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contractor seo 1As a the owner of a contracting business, you must wear many hats, besides your hardhat. You are a businessman and highly skilled tradesman, Safety Coordinator and maybe even an Accountant.  But in order to compete in the 21st century you must wear another hat, that of a marketer.

You may do quality work at a fair price but without a steady stream of new clients you will not be in business for long. These new customers, whether they a need a room addition, new roof or an efficient HVAC system are now searching for qualified contractors online. When was the last time you used a phone book?

Today’s consumer searches the web for the goods and services they desire. Google, owning 67% US market share is the information super highway. Imagine your business has a billboard near, but not on that highway. Would you ever be found on a dark, lonely sidestreet? Similarly, your construction business website will rarely be visited if it sits on page 2 or 3 or 10 of Google’s search results. Web traffic rarely goes past page one.

And the bad news is, that page one if often dominated by corporate sites like Angies List, Yellow Pages and worse case scenario, your competition. So all of those valuable leads go anyone but you if you are stuck on page 3.

Construction Leads?

Many a contractor has been lured into the web of a lead broker. For a nominal fee, you will get multiple warm leads per week/month. But what these outfits do not often disclose to you is that these “hot leads” are shared with multiple other contractors all vying for the same potential client. Those lead firms simply rank a website on Google page 1, in your market, and then charge you (and 3 others) for the phone leads.

So how can you cut out the middle man?

Construction SEO

SEO, aka Search Engine Optimization is a process in which your website is moved from where it ranks today, to a higher position, ideally the top of page one. This is accomplished simply stated, through tweaks to your website, social media marketing and link building.

Can You Do SEO Yourself?
In a word, yes. But think of utilizing an Internet Marketing Expert just like using a subcontractor. While you could do the work yourself, the specialist can generally handle the job more quickly and efficiently. Google is constantly updating their algorythms so doing SEO yourself  would be like working a jobsite where the building codes changed every few days. Do you really need another headache?

Construction Marketing

sacramento contractor seo 1There are other options to market your contracting firm online. These include Social Media Marketing, Reputation Management, Web Design, Video Marketing and even your own lead generation sites.

Social Media Marketing includes building and managing sites like Facebook, Twitter etc. Reputation Management may be required if your business is plagued by bad reviews, warranted or not. If your website is outdated, not mobile friendly or if your url is penalized from previous SEO practices, a new website, domain may be required. And since Google owns Youtube, and consumers love video, video marketing is pretty much necessary to compete online.

So now that you are considering using a Construction Marketing subcontractor, you may be wondering how much it costs. And we can’t tell you until we have more information. Can you bid a job sight unseen with no plans or specs? Neither can we.

So if would like more information on what we do, how we can help you and what it would cost, simply complete our discovery form. Think of this as our bid sheet.

Note: Obviously we can only work with one trade type in a city, e.g. Roofer in Sacramento so if you’re serious about crushing your competitors online, do not delay lest your competition hires us first.

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